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An Owie!

See, he survived!!! 😛

It finally happened…young mother, home alone with her toddler, on the computer researching why her Keurig won’t work so she can have her cup of coffee. Toddler walks up to her, bringing his much beloved “Dawg-Dawg” book so they can flip through it together. She takes the book from him, looks at his little face and BLOOD! Blood everywhere!!!

Initiate short “what the heck?!” panic sequence and then rationally access the situation. I rushed him to the bathroom to rinse off the blood and see where it all seemed to be coming from all the while he’s trying to put his pajama-ed feet into the sink and soaking the feet of his pajamas in the process. Turns out he has a papercut on his thumb, and as toddler hands do, he touched his face (nose, forehead, cheeks, he didn’t miss a thing), his tummy, his arm, my arm, the knee of my Disney sweats. It was a mess, but at least it wasn’t anything that warranted an ER trip. Phew!

After the bleeding stopped and I was able to actually see the cut, it was no wonder it bled so much. It extends across the entire tip of his thumb to the left side of his thumbnail and then to the actual pad of his thumb (where his thumbprint would be). His “Dog” book is made of that thicker cardstock material, so I think he cut his thumb open on that trying to see the “kitteh” that hides under a flap of a page in the back of it. I bandaged the thumb twice, but each time he managed to get the bandages off and by then it had quit bleeding, so I gave up on that idea entirely. I’ve just been keeping the area clean and he’s been doing fine with it and the cut isn’t giving him any additional discomfort, so hoooray!

Now, about that coffee maker…


2 thoughts on “An Owie!

    1. It was all over his book too. Thankfully it wiped off easy (high glossy card stock pages)…and he repaid me by ripping off one of the dogs heads that moved in it. Thaaaanks, kid!

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