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“Hat! HAT!!”

As with most toddlers, Nibbler has been picking up words left and right. As with most parents, there are a few I wish I could make him forget. “ON!” just happens to be one of these words. I’m not sure why this word gets to me much more than the rest. Most parents find their child saying “no” like nails on a chalkboard, but most of the time I find Nibbler’s use of “no” almost comedic:

Husband: Merry Christmas!!
Nibbler: N-noooo.
Old man at Costco: I like your hat, wanna trade?
Nibbler: (long pause) Nooooooo.
Me: You hungry buddy?
Nibbler: (with mouth full of food) Noooooo.

Perhaps my resentment of the word “on” drives me crazy because of the fact that he insists on having an action with the word. “ON” is used whenever he wants to flip the light switch off and on, the problem with which is that none of our light switches are within a toddler height’s reach. This means he’s either in our arms and leaning precariously over to reach the switch or he’s balancing on the arm of our couch so he can reach the switch behind that. Neither option really makes me feel all that safe.

Also, since becoming a SAHM, bills are a huge concern and keeping them as low as possible is one of the priorities in this house. While I understand that Nibbler has no concept of money, it does get on my nerves when he’s screaming “ON!!!” at the top of his little lungs because the lights in the kitchen and dining areas are off. No amount of affirmation that I hear him will suffice, he wants those lights ON and it frustrates him to tears that they remain OFF.

The volume at which “on” is said also gets to me. It’s not enough that he says it, he has to scream it or command it at a higher volume than most of his other words. I do love that he is speaking and communicating with us, but I can’t wait until “on” is moved and filed away in his language cortex and only brought out when it’s truly necessary.

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6 thoughts on “ON!!

  1. haha this is too funny. Avery is obsessed with turning light switches on and off… good thing I’m not home all day playing THAT game with him! Props to you momma!

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