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For Sale – A Rant


After I had finished checking out at the grocery store today, I was walking to my car only to hear “MA’AM!” from this young kid. I looked up thinking I had dropped something only to have one of those damn coupon cards shoved in my face.! Whatever happened to “Excuse me, I’m participating in a fund raiser to send me to band camp, would you consider purchasing one of these coupon cards which are good at several local restaurants to help me raise the funds?” While we rarely have the money to eat out – even with a coupon – and wouldn’t have purchased one of these cards, I’m sure that most people that had the money wouldn’t have responded very positively to the way I was approached today.

What happened to salesmanship??

Sale sites – eBay, FB Sale Groups, etc – frustrate me to no end! “Here’s a picture of my overstuffed closet. The stuff in there is for sale.” Uh, what’s in there? Baby clothes, your old 40-inch wasted jeans, that dinner plate your kid took into their room years ago and now has a new life form growing on it?? What-is-in-there?

I was always told if you wanted to sell anything, to include a brief description (pointing out any defects was awesome to do so) and sizes if it was a clothing item.  Also, with how visual this society has become, a picture helps a great deal, but not a picture of just trash bags stuffed to the brim with unwanted clothing. How about laying some of those out across your (made) bed or the cushion of your (clean) couch? A little effort, one would think, would serve to carry a person far.



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