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DON’T TOUCH THE TV!! … Please.

tvThis kid has a love affair with our television. Well, more like his hands have a love affair with our television. I’m not sure if he’s seeking attention when he does this repeatedly, but other times I’m certain he’s just trying to push the buttons on the XBox home screen. One thing is for sure: when we bought our IKEA entertainment center we just didn’t think it through.

The position of the television is within perfect baby reach. This photo is when he was first starting to pull up on things – add another six to eight inches and we have fingerprints almost all the way to the top. Add the additional television prowess of his knowing how to turn it on and off using the control panel mounted on the side just drives us mad. Lucky us.

And no, we can’t fence it off with baby fences because we’d be blocking part of the viewing area of the television, so we suffer. We tell him “no” repeatedly. We try to distract him with another toy. We remove him from the room for a period of time when it seems like he’s stuck on an infinite loop of television debauchery. And we express our frustration and pray to the electronic gods that be that eventually it’ll stick and that he won’t touch the television anymore.

Yes, our prayers have yet to be answered.


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