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Getting Back On Track

I’m not going to lie – this holiday season has put a damper on our finances. Even before we were living on one income, I would generally have a large percentage (if not all) of our Christmas shopping done by early December. Unfortunately, that hasn’t happened the past two years due to either spending money preparing for Nibbler, spending money on those “cute clothes” or those “holy crap, my tires have no tread!” moments. Money has either been tight, or we’ve been broke, but even still we’ve been doing quite a bit better than I anticipated by skirting right above being in the red. So, starting this week, I’m putting our financial needs first again and we’re paying off those damn credit cards – AGAIN!

Getting back on track not only applies to our budget, but also to this blog. I actually feel like I have less time to blog being a stay at home mom than I did before – and none of this has anything to do with having a lunch hour because even then I was either pumping to keep lil’ man in breast milk while I was gone or I was catching up with Facebook. Now, Facebook has become both a blessing and a curse since it allows me some social time that doesn’t involve a twenty word vocabulary from a 14 month old, but then I find myself wasting so much time on it, it’s ridiculous. This becomes worse since I moderate a fan page for my family’s pumpkin patch and also have become an admin for a new group just yesterday for the community news that goes unreported. I love being involved, I just don’t love all the time it takes.

So, going into 2013:
♣ One day a week I’m unplugging from FB. There are far too many other things I can be accomplishing than seeing what my “friends” are doing. (This will probably be the hardest of all my goals, sadly.)
♣ Blogging more. I’m going to try and get back on track with posting every other day. I’m also thinking about bringing my book reviews back here which is going to be a HUGE chore to move them all back, but it will be best and I’m tired of updating TWO different blogs. I thought I’d like it more, but I was so, so, so wrong. I should also have more time to read since I’ll have a day free of FB.
♣ Taking a daily walk – Well, this first requires finding a jogging stroller we can afford. Suggestions? Like I said, our budget is pretty strapped, so it would have to be around the $100 mark.


6 thoughts on “Getting Back On Track

  1. I had that “holy crap, my tires have no tread!” moment when we drove to VT for Christmas. Just when I was about to pay off the Christmas Credit Card pile up, I see dollar signs in the near future $$$ for new tires… ugh. Maybe I can hold out til our tax return comes?!

    As for strollers, I found a nice 3 wheel one online for $100.. it’s nothing fancy, but does the job. Check Craigslist or Overstock. The one I got is pink (i have a son).. but didn’t care cuz it was ON SALE!

    1. I was looking at Target – they had a black one for about $100. Now that the holidays are over, I’ll start checking the baby second hand stores in town too.

      And tires are seriously the fastest $500 I’ve ever spent. Love my Edge, but sometimes I miss my little compact car.

      1. great idea… I’m sure there will be post holiday sales. I heart getting 20% off coupons in the mail or 5$ off and using it with the sale… saves big!

        Oh and I hear ya on the tires… my little coupe was much cheaper maintenance than my ‘mom car’ 🙂

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