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Crock Pot of DOOM

image Oh, hi! Been a little crazy over here with catching up with laundry and housework after our little vacation. Hopefully I’ll get back to our regularly scheduled programming soon. ^_^

Generally the crock pot is something that isn’t feared within the household. It’s usually something that’s embraced as a household appliance that makes cooking convenient and easy for busy people. Throw the items in the crock pot before work, set it at 8/10 hours, come home and enjoy dinner.

Not this crock pot. Set it for 10 hours, the item is done within 4. I thought crock pots were supposed to be the marathon runners of the cooking world, not the sprinters. Apparently, I was wrong — or at least wrong about this particular model and it’s pretty consistent about being a speed cooker.

So, does anyone else have a speed-crock-pot out there or is it just me?? 😛


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