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At The Pumpkin Patch

Well, as promised, here’s our visit to the pumpkin patch. 🙂 My family has opened this pumpkin patch every October since 1999, which seems crazy considering I remember it being open when I was in high school, but I had never made the connection that it had been open that long until I read about it in  local newspaper article this past Friday. Crazy how fast time flies.

We started off our visit with the animals where Nibbler called goats, cows, a llama, and the geese all “dog-dog” and then swiftly moved on to the corn maze where our little adventurer took the lead — until he got tired. Then the big “kids” took over and we sought our way out.

Then, we were off to find pumpkins!

He really loved walking through the fields and shouting at all the “balls!” Eventually we narrowed it down and found the perfect centerpiece pumpkin for his birthday party (we’ll be gone for Halloween, so anything we found was for party deco) and then we collected enough mini pumpkins for the pumpkin painting station and we were on our way.

Earlier in the week, I had stopped by to snap some opening weekend photos for the pumpkin patch’s Facebook fan page and met up with my cousin and his wife and kids so our little ones could play a bit together. We have a lady that brings ponies in on the weekend to give rides and I didn’t think that Nibbler would actually go for a ride when she convinced me to hand him off to her, but boy was I wrong. He didn’t fuss or cry and he definitely didn’t look back.

His tongue in that picture just cracks me up. Haha. So, that was our lil’ man’s first pumpkin patch visit. How did you begin the Fall season?


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