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At The Punkin’ Patch (Teaser)

I have to write a research paper as the last part of my Geography class from hell. While I really, really, really don’t want to, I’m far too close to pulling an A in this class which will raise my GPA enough to graduate with Honors next June. Therefore, it needs my full and undivided attention for a few evenings and Nibbler nap hours when I usually blog. I’ll answer comments and check-in, but posting will be on “auto-pilot” (if I can figure it out!) and short.

So, here’s a teaser of the time Nibbler and I spent at my family’s pumpkin patch Sunday while Daddy was at work. I manage their Facebook fan page and needed some photos, so this visit was a prequel to the real family time we’ll spend there on Thursday afternoon as we traverse the Maize Maze and pick up some pumpkins for Nibbler’s birthday party. Hopefully I’ll be done with my paper by then so I don’t feel as time constrained while we’re there! 🙂


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