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Pumpkins & Giraffes

I’ve been racking my brain for an easy and cute theme for Nibbler’s first birthday party and finally settled on giraffes (his favorite animal) and pumpkins (they’re orange which is Nibbler’s favorite color and since my family owns a pumpkin patch — I’ve got a hook up). We’ll just be getting back from Florida two days before the event, so it’s going to need to pull together quick. I’m not sure how exactly how it’s all going to pull together, but I figured I’d share some of what I have pinned over on Pinterest.

  • My inspiration! Haha, just so you don’t think I’m crazy. 😉




  • Starting with the decorations: We have to have the number “1” somewhere right?




    • More Pumpkin Deco: I think these are so cute and so easy. I wouldn’t paint all of the pumpkins like this, just a few to add a little flare.



    • First year banner: Pictures from each month lined up to make a different type of banner. I love, love, love this idea.


    • Pumpkin Painting Station: I needed an activity for the older kids at the party. Figured this was something easy and a good distraction.


    • Pinata Time: This is a pull-string pinata though. Since many of our guest will be small and unable to really wack anything with a bat, I thought this would be a creative alternative.



    • Cake: Well, kinda. Rather than purchase a large cake and have oodles of leftovers, I figured I’d make a couple dozen of these pumpkin pie cupcakes and just order a smash cake for Nibbler to tear into himself.



    • Party Food: We needed a punch of fall, so I figured a caramel apple dip may be the perfect hint of it.


    • Favors: I thought these were pretty cute considering the theme. I’d like to make these before we leave for Florida so they’re just out of the way…minus the Halloween aspects.


So, whatcha think? Good? Bad? Cute? Pathetic? 😉 I’m going to throw in the many giraffes we’ve collected throughout the fall-esque theme as well. I think it’s going to be super cute in the end. (Also, this post took forever and I still can’t figure out why the top two images aren’t lining up with the bottom 7. Grrr. It is what it is, I guess since WordPress doesn’t allow for gallery images to link to outside sources. Yes, all those pics link to the website where I got the idea from!! :D)

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