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Month 11

This post is almost 2 weeks late. Ha. 😛

Not a whole lot went on in month 11. Nibbler became much more proficient at walking and we had a breakthrough in the bath department. When he discovered he could turn the faucet on and off (it’s at a set temperature, so no fear of burning him), all he wanted to do was stand in the bath and turn it on and off. I really didn’t like this due to the fact that slips and falls become more common and dangerous for a person that’s only been on his feet for eight weeks of his whole life. Thankfully, the newness of this “toy” has worn off and he now sits and splashes in the bath with his toys — the toys I was beginning to believe were a waste of money since he was so enamored with the faucet.

New to the menu this month? Nectarines and our little Nibbler loves them. However, when I tried them I found them to be dry. I don’t know if I should be worried about his tastes or not. We also tried steel cut old fashioned oat meal and he hated it. Apples and cinnamon instant oatmeal went over a bit better this morning, but not with any pure love upon his face as he eagerly pointed at the can of Gerber cheese snacks I’d left out on the dining table from last night. Maybe he won’t be a hot cereal type of kid? He loved the Gerber baby oatmeal though, so I figured this was the next logical step.

Since Nibbler is walking so well now, he wanted to walk everywhere, including the textile department of IKEA. We hadn’t bought any real shoes though since we found them to be a waste since the weather here is so hot during the summer it allowed him go barefoot, and when he was smaller we could tuck him into his baby carrier with blankets to keep him warm. So, one day we went shopping at the mall (ick) and had his feet measured and found that even though he’s under a year old he has 5 1/2 WIDE size feet. Yeesh! He is really his daddy’s mini-me. This made finding soft soled shoes difficult, so we bought him a pair of really flexible sneakers (better protection for his feet at the park anyway) and some soft soled sandles for the beach in Florida.

I’m also beginning to think he’s going to jump up a size in time for his birthday…which means I need to start hitting the clearance racks again and go through the latest bag of hand-me-downs from his cousin. *sigh*


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