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Forward Facing vs. Rear Facing

As Nibbler’s first birthday quickly approaches, I had began to debate if we would turn his car seat forward facing since he exceeded the weight restriction that the law requires several months ago.  I thought maybe if we turned the seat he may enjoy riding in the car more (it’s seemingly always a battle) and since he spends the majority of the time while we’re shopping in the stores turned in his seat so he can see where we’re going as opposed to where we’ve been, I have no doubt he would be much more content forward facing.

Many women on my birth club group are going to turn their kids forward facing, but there were also many that are not and were adamant about it.  One of these ladies posted this video, and it completely changed my mind about forward facing so soon.

After some rather heavy discussion, we’ll be keeping our little man rear facing until the rear facing weight limit is reached on this car seat.  And, as always, every parent has to make decisions that work best for them and their child/children, but I just figured I’d share this video so other parents could make an informed decision from a personal account of what happened to this man’s grandchild.  Please, don’t flame me. 😉


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