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SAHM – Week Four: A Little Bored

This week has been pretty low key without a whole lot of action.  Now that we’re all well, it seems as if all of our friends are sick.  So, I’ve been staying home a whole lot.  A.Whole.Lot.

Don’t get me wrong — I knew as a stay at home mom, there would be many weeks where there wouldn’t be a whole lot going on, but when I stayed home for four days straight and my largest outing was going to the park…let’s just say I had a bit of cabin fever.

And yes, I was bored.  There was also quite a bit of Simming during nap times which was actually nice since I haven’t had a whole lot of time to just relax in quite awhile.  Which was my folly because I didn’t realize what a huge assignment I had due in my Geography class in a week (so, I started on that last night *sigh*).   You would think that with only having one class to manage this semester, I’d be a bit more on top of it.  Sometimes I just frustrate myself.  Haha.  I also finished a book which I need to review on the Bookshelf.  I’ll get there — promise!

This week also marks almost a month since I left my work.  Financially, I feel like we’re walking a fine line, but when I really take a hard look at the numbers we’re not doing that bad.  We could cut back in a few more areas, and in December (if we want to), we can cut out the cable bill and just keep an internet line and utilize Netflix and Hulu, but we shall see.  I really love my DIY and HDTV channels and I don’t believe much of that is on Netflix.  Anyone know if their shows are on Hulu?

So, that’s it for this week, folks.  I hope you liked my little Month 1 as a SAHM series.  (Week 1, Week 2, Week 3) I wish there had been more going on to blog about, but we’re lying low while we wait for the large amount of stuff going on in October.  Pumpkin patches, Nibbler’s first birthday, and FLORIDA!!  This month is going to be done in a flash and I really need to get kicking on that Christmas shopping.  Yikes!


2 thoughts on “SAHM – Week Four: A Little Bored

  1. Regarding school, I’ve noticed that, if I’m only taking one class (and it isn’t an abbreviated term, like summer), I tend to get a little *too* laid back and forget I’m in school – two classes seems to be the right amount of stress to keep me thinking about school without overwhelming me with worry.

    Were you taking classes last fall when Jude was born? I don’t have any definite reasons to make school/baby/work plans just yet, but I’m curious how others have handled that trifecta of responsibility.

    1. I took 1 class while I was pregnant with Jude — Introduction to Internet! In Spring, I took Real Estate Law and Introduction to Administration of Justice; in both I received a B while dealing with Jude, work, AND school. I’m honestly beginning to think that having almost 90 units of Community College credit has killed my brain cells. Handling classes with a toddler is quite a bit harder than when I was preggo, so if you want to start a family in your final semester, I say go for it, anything earlier, weigh the pros and cons — A LOT.

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