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SAHM — Week Three: Settling In

Gosh, this month is going by quick!!  I’ve got to say, my most favorite part of being a SAHM has been having a schedule.  This was something that was lacking when I was working since our schedules were never consistent.  Now Nibbler is up most mornings around 6:30a, goes down for a nap from 9a-11a and then for another nap around 2p which lasts until 3/4p and then down for bed by 8, but usually 7/7:30p.  It’s nice to know what’s coming next — and although we’ll sometimes fight over naps, I think Nibbler likes having a schedule too.

This week, I was able to see some old friends from high school.  The nerdy part of me enjoyed listening to my friend speak of her job as a scientist testing for fungus in soil (a bad kind) and how they’ve developed a new kind that takes over the evil fungus.  Yes, I’m a total neeeeerrrd!  I’d totally take up a career in science if it wasn’t for that pesky math issue.  I’m so horrible at that subject!!  I also thought it was pretty bad a$$ she could identify all the weeds in our overgrown yard.  We need a day we’re not running around to have someone watch Nibbler so we can clean up our yard.  It’s shameful, and I’d do it myself but I have no idea what to do with Nibbler while I’m cleaning it up since there’s no fence and we have no play pen for him.  I tried sitting him in the stroller once and he strained against the straps and screamed the entire time.  Not pleasant.  😦

And…due to that stupid head cold, my immune system got knocked down hard enough for me to get a cold sore that decided it wanted to take over half of my lip.  Needless to say, I’ve been a bit of a hermit this week.  I’m hoping to remedy that this week since it’s started to heal.  They’re just so ugly, I feel like that’s all people see.  Yup, I’m irrational.

Nerdy and irrational.


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