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Feeling Grateful!

Yes, I’m feeling grateful to all of you (yes, YOU) for the milestone Ye Olde Humdrum just passed:

See that?  We just passed 50 likes!  Woohooo!  I’ve blogged erratically for over a year now, and since I’m now a stay at home mommy I’ve had a little more time to do so and it’s starting to pay off.  Yippee!

I’ve also had a little activity over on Ye Olde Bookshelf:

Yup.  The author of the book I reviewed actually responded to my post.  I’ve got to admit, my heart did a little hip-a-skip.  However, this photo also resulted in my changing my screen name.  My husband wasn’t so thrilled with the word “Wench” so I’ve changed it to “Comely Miss” instead.  😛

So thank-you again!  (And please, please keep reading.)


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