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SAHM — Week Two: Nesting


A little less cooking this week, a lot more kleenex, less sleep, and more productivity.  Productivity meaning “nesting” as my husband puts it.

When we lost our home in this whole recession thing, we decided to move to a smaller home for lower rent reasons as well as lower utilities which would allow us to rebuild our wealth a little bit faster and help us really get our feet back under us.  While the wealth rebuilding has been trucking along rather steadily, this house is simply bursting at the seems.  There is definitely a fine line between cozy and cluttered and with all the baby gear, we’re definitely walking that line.

In the past week, I’ve rearranged the whole living room, made room in the pantry for stuff that was cluttering the kitchen counter, cleaned out the fridge, and invested in a fruit basket.  Yes, a fruit basket.  Now that I’m home, we actually eat fresh fruits.  Dammit, we’re gonna start eatin’ healthy over here!

And yes, I’m still procrastinating that homework.  I did, however, get around to reviewing a book so I’ve been a little productive in writing land this week.  🙂


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