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Ode To Kleenex

Oh, Kleenex.  You’re always there when I need your help to catch my running nose or to wipe my tears.  I just want to say, thank-you for all your help throughout my life.

As you may have guessed, I’m sick.  Nibbler is also sick.  My dearest husband?  Sick as well.  The dogs you ask — no, they’re just fine.  In fact, they’re pounding on the back door to come in right now.  However, I still have to clean up the great ant massacre left over from our invasion this morning in front of the slider before I let them in, and this head cold has left me a little bit less than self motivated to clean up that situation at the moment.

This has been the nastiest cold I’ve had in quite awhile and it landed me in bed at 8 last night.  Thinking I had a whole load of laundry to fold and homework that I should have been completing left me feeling like a bit of a lazy a$$, but I was so tired and I really slept until Nibbler awoke us at 6:30 this morning.  I’m so thankful he’s feeling better enough that he’s sleeping through the night again, because just thinking how tired and sick I would have been this morning gives me the shivers.

Okay, thank-you dear readers and the rest of you internet peeps for listening to me whine.  I’m going to go try and be productive.  Key word “try.”


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