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Just a Little POed

Yesterday was a rough day.  Nibbler has been sick all week, and he must have felt like absolute crap yesterday so he cried…  Fine, whatever.  Life can just move on.

Then, a thunderstorm happened.  Thunderstorms for most people are just an occurrence – really awesome if you love rain and thunder, awful if you despise it, an inconvenience if you have to drive around.  However, in this household, we have Thunder Fear Dog and TFD doesn’t take well at all to thunder.  We have sedatives that usually help him through it, but when storms suddenly come up during the “monsoon season” of southern California, administering the drug and then waiting for it to take affect is just too late for it to be useful.

I always feel so sorry for TFD.  He shakes like a leaf, tries to cower under furniture, and will not leave your side for all the kibble at Purina.  I felt sorry for him until yesterday during a thunderstorm when he destroyed my laptop’s power cord!! He must have destroyed it under duress, but I’m still peeved.  Needless to say, the laptop is out of commission for a bit.  Not to mention my homework just became a whole lot more challenging without access to my files (I don’t have them on the desktop — my bad).  Funnnn times.


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