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Month 10

Month 10 — wow!  I’m already looking at videos and pictures on my phone in awe that Nibbler was ever that tiny or that stationary!  Craaazy.

This month brought a very large appetite and a sudden epiphany that a + b = c, or more precisely faucet + turn = more water!  Needless to say, baths have become an even larger challenge with this new connection.

The other large developmental milestone our little tyke has jumped to is walking.  We figured he’d make it somewhere within this month and he barely made it at the very end.  Surprisingly, he didn’t need much bribery — just a “walk to mommy.”  Shortly before this, I had bought him a walker and he ended up taking a liking to the box and then I caught him doing this:

This kid is aiming to give me a run for my money!!  This month has brought so much inquisitiveness and interaction with the world around him that I’m just gobsmacked (yes gobsmacked!) everyday by the level of “maturity” he’s beginning to show.  While he had his own personality earlier, it’s becoming more and more apparent every day — including his temper.  I’m really hoping as he learns to communicate that the temper begins to wane a bit since I believe much of it is stemming from frustration.  Anyhoo–onto the slideshow of cuteness:

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