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Month 9

4th of July in Grandpa’s back yard.

Here I thought month 8 flew by.  I wasn’t prepared for month 9.  Nibbler’s first 4th of July was a busy one, to be sure.  My father-in-law made some amaaaazing ribs and once my husband was off of work (yes, we aren’t graced with jobs that always guarantee us with holidays off work), he was able to join us.  We decided not to go through the hassle of seeing fireworks this year since Nibbler generally crashes out by 8p anyway, but he was able to have some corn that we pulled off the cob for him and be a bit scared by the (illegal) fireworks set off by our neighbors.  Amazingly enough, when we got him home and into bed, he actually slept through the festivities of the neighborhood that went on until about midnight and I was able to actually enjoy the free show comforted by the fact that we live a block away from a fire station.  Ha!

July also brought along sleep training.  In my previous entry, I expressed how exhausting it was that our little guy was waking every half hour or so with maybe a two hour rest here and there and all the methods/tricks we had tried and failed at.  We were forced into the “crying it out” method where we checked in on him at certain timed intervals until he finally fell asleep.  It was a last resort, I wasn’t all that thrilled about it, but it worked and he’s so much happier and well rested.  He’s a brand new person and we feel much more like ourselves on 7-8 hours of sleep a night.  We generally still have one wake up somewhere between 2-5a, but that’s much more normal than what we had before and while there are still some cruddy nights, those are more associated with teething or his being overtired when we happen to work late and are unable to get him in bed by 8.

Nibbler is slowly realizing that his ability to cruise along our furniture has opened up all new “horizons” for him.  Our IKEA entertainment center puts the tv at an optimal level for touching.  We’ve had one heck of a time getting him to stop touching/hitting it for fear that he’ll damage the thing and leave us without a working television.  This would be a travesty in this household with a gaming husband who would be unable to have access to his XBox.  😉  In all honesty though, I stream YouTube and NetFlix through the XBox as well, so I’d probably be equally as lost.


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