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Month 8

My goodness, this kid is getting so big, so fast which meant…new car seat!!  I honestly think he was getting so uncomfortable in his infant carrier, that it had been time to move up for quite awhile, but I was just in denial.  He hadn’t outgrown the safety restrictions yet, but you could tell he wasn’t happy (well, the few instances he was content in the car) with the seat anymore.  I think of all the the baby equipment choices I’ve had to make, car seats are beyond the most intimidating to me.  I’d open up an window, read and browse reviews forever, get frustrated, and give up.  I did this for weeks, even asked other mommies on my Facebook friend’s list for advice and still couldn’t make up my mind.  Then, posted a 20% off sale for the Britax car seats and I figured I may as well as go big since this car seat will be used, abused, and keeping my little boy safe for the next two (or more years).  We ended up buying the Britax Marathon 70 for my car (a Ford Edge) and it’s perfect!!  I couldn’t have asked for a better seat for this inept car seat installer to have acquired.

I had to install the car seat in my cousin’s truck when I went down to Brea, California to see her and was highly intimidated because we only use the LATCH system in our cars and she didn’t have that in her truck.  However, despite my fears, it installed easily with the 3-point seat belt once I figured it out.  And the best part, ladies and gentlemen??  He sleeps in the car now and raises minimal fuss while falling asleep.  It’s amaaaazing!!

Speaking of sleep, we had the worst sleep issues this month.  He literally had me crying some nights because he was waking up every 20 minutes and then taking forever to fall back asleep.  My husband and I both work for grocery stores and we were going into a holiday week with maybe 2 hours of sleep a night.  We tried everything — white noise in the room, playing music in his room at night, feeding him before bed, a bath before bed time while using bedtime bath, a massage, one of my shirts in the crib (we thought maybe separation anxiety), Tylenol and Advil, teething tablets, teething gel, and finally co-sleeping.  NONE of it was working and we were at our wit’s end.  We did finally find something that worked, but that wasn’t until we were in month 9, so you’re going to have to wait for that one.  😛

Also this month, I’ve learned to pay more attention to tagging my entries if I expect people to actually find my little corner of the internet.  Y’know…by actually tagging the things.  Heh.


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