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Month 7

I (and my husband) have a seven month old.  Seems unreal and what’s really going to blow my mind is one day when we have a seven year old, and then later when we have a seventeen year old.  EEK!

This month brought proficient crawling, lots of adventuring, and the concept of pulling up on furniture.  Once he figured out how to get on his feet, that’s all he’s wanted to do.  Thankfully, he still loves his walker so it gives our arms a break from holding him up when he feels clingy, but still wants his “independence.”  Like my husband said, we’re in trouble with this one.

The big trip of the month was to the local Renaissance Faire.  I really didn’t want to try the adventure with Nibbler, but my hubby pushed me out of the comfort zone (honestly, I’d probably be a hermit if he didn’t do this sometimes) and we actually had a great time.  Nibbler made many friends including a beautiful blue fairy who enjoyed sharing smiles with him.  I honestly don’t know how two anti-social parents ended up with such a social and outgoing baby, but maybe he’ll pull us both out of our shells.

Also this month, came our long awaited DNA-11 portrait and as you can see, he loved it.  We found this company after Elijah Wood appeared on Conan and brought it to attention.  This is a portrait of Nibbler’s actual DNA, taken from a cheek swab when he was just weeks old — no easy task on an infant!!  We were paranoid it may not turn out, but it did just fine.  🙂

As for me — I am completely looking forward to completing this semester of school just so I can have some time to not have to worry about the next deadline.  I kinda regret registering for Summer, but it’ll put me graduating a semester early and that’s nothing to sneeze at.  I just have to survive a fast paced 8 weeks, a baby wanting to walk  before we’re ready, and my job.  Oh goodness.


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