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Month 6

Get me outta this car seat or you’re gonna be sorry!

Sorry this post is sooooo late.  Life has been crazy busy, but while little man is napping, I’m going to speed blog.  Ready………


Visited some friends while they were in town from Denver down in Indio.  They came out for Coachella and it was Nibbler’s longest car trip.  I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned how much he hates the car seat, but he HATES the car seat.  It’s like some demon possesses my child when he decides he’s had enough and on the way home from Indio he had more than enough and that’s when I snapped this month’s pic.  He’s going to love when I scrapbook that shiz!  (Y’know…when I have time to scrapbook again.)  The good news, our friends are doing well, had a good time at the music festival, only got minimally sunburned, and fell in love with Nibbler.

Nibbler has been crawling everywhere.  He no longer enjoys his jumperoo for long periods like he used to and even his walker has been pushed aside most days since he found out he can independently navigate our home.  Let me tell you…this. is. horrifying!  No longer can I leave the room for five seconds to grab a water out of the refrigerator and expect him to remain in the same location I left him.  Cooking dinner has become an obstacle and we’ve resolved ourselves to more frozen meals which completely blows.  I’d much rather eat something made from scratch.

And he’s awake.  Linksies:

Zulily (This is MY referral link.  There are some great deals on this site!)

Stress test (This test labeled me as “stressed.”  Can’t imagine why.  New baby, school, homework, work, housework…why would I be stressed?


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