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Month 4

Sorry everyone.  My reported death to the internet was false.  I’m still alive, but I spend most of my time on Facebook writing quick blurbs rather than sitting down to write paragraphs and coherent sentences.

Nibbler is growing…like a weed.  Most people think he’s older than what he is when they see him and after seeing other children at work, I can see why.  He looks at least like a six month old at 16 lbs and almost 25 inches long.  He’s almost able to sit up unassisted and he’s making leaps and bounds in the “roll over” process.  Two weeks ago he was obsessed with sucking in his lower lip and this week he’s discovered those things attached to the end of his legs…you know, his feet.  😛

Sleeping has been a hurdle.  He has yet to truly “sleep through the night” in the five or six hour stretch take of the term and my husband is unable to soothe him.  Nibbler only wants his mommy and that’s driving me crazy, especially when I have to be up at 6a for work.  He went into a two hour unconsolable crying spree after I left for work this morning and here I was under the impression that separation anxiety didn’t start for another few months.  How silly of me.

My poor husband is becoming frustrated because he can’t seem to satisfy Nibbler’s needs while I’m gone and he’s been taking it so personal that no matter how much I try to reassure him that a four month old can’t develop hate or resentment against a person, it doesn’t seem to soothe any of his worries away.  Sometimes I think it would just be easier on everyone if I just quit my job and stayed home, but with the recent trend of unemployed discrimination with employers offering opportunities, I’m afraid to remove myself from the career force even if it was for just a short while in the fear I’d never find anything again.

School has been going well for me…I guess.  Or as well as it can be.  I didn’t realize I signed up for an 8 week course, so that’s been occupying much of my time.  Thankfully, it’s Real Estate Law and I’ve covered most of the material in previous law classes I needed for my Paralegal Certificate.  I wish I could take more than 2 classes at a time, but it seems with the addition of Nibbler to this family that is not going to be very practical with work and figuring out day care week to week as well.  I would so love getting my work schedule a couple weeks in advance, but I receive it the Friday before every week which has caused a few panic moments about child care.  Facebook has become my new favorite way to ask several people at a time if they have room in their schedules to watch our little man for a few hours throughout the week.

I finished War Horse a few weeks ago.  I need to write my review before I forget what the book was about.  Also, finally got to view Breaking Dawn Part I since I broke down and bought it the last time I walked by the electronics department at Target.  I only felt the urge to scream at the screen a couple times, although they altered the plot line quite a bit.  Anything could beat their adaption of New Moon, I guess.  😛


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