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Week 11

I looove Old Navy.

Well, since my little bean wants to sleep all day, I guess this post is going to be early.  Imagine.  😛

I’ve actually been doing quite a bit of my shopping online for awhile now and I’ve absolutely fallen in love with Old Navy’s baby clothes and a vast majority of the time I can pick up outfits for as little as three dollars.  With free shipping at $50, I can’t beat the value anywhere especially since I can generally find something for myself or my husband as well and since I’ve shrunk in the waist department dramatically from my pre-preggo body, I’ve been buying their jeans on clearance.  Just a tip if any of you mommies are looking for cheap clothes.  Sign up for their mailing list if you really want an insight to sales and some exclusive subscriber savings codes.

Anyway, onto this week in Nibbler land…

We’re trying, desperately, to get some longer sleep cycles into his sleeping habits before I return to work on the 23.  I know breastfed babies wake more often than formula fed babies, but I really, really want more than 2 hours of sleep at a time.  If he sleeps in our bed, I can get about 3 hours between feedings.  If he sleeps in his swing I can get up to six.  God help us when he outgrows that swing.

We also left Nibbler with his grandparents for the first time this week.  We didn’t really have anything to do, but we did want to have some time together.  We went out to lunch/dinner and ran some errands.  It was kinda nice to not have our little one screaming through everything (as for some reason he seems to be in the worst moods when we go out in public), but I was happy to hold him in my arms again after almost four hours.  Grandparents had fun too…although I guess he had a “blow out” of epic proportions while we were gone.  (Heh, sorry about that.)  So glad I had an extra outfit packed in his diaper bag.

Meanwhile, in adult land…

We’ve been arguing with our insurance over one claim or another for almost a month now.  They claim they’re not denying my claims and when my husband called the lady said that she saw no record of any claim denial whatsoever.  Meanwhile, they’ve printed out receipts of charges stating otherwise and mailing them to us for our records so we have official paper work stating that they’ve been denying charges.  Also, they keep telling any entity wishing to make a claim for our son that we haven’t added him to our policies, but when we call, they tell us our enrollment packet is “in the mail room” and that’s where it’s remained for the past three weeks.  I think someone down there needs to get their act together and start processing some paper work!!


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