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Week 10

Happy New Year!

Week 10 ushered in the New Year.  Life has kinda settled into a pattern, although it be a loose pattern.  Nibbler smiles all the time now — unless he’s crying, which still happens often. 😛

Nibbler’s cold is still around and it needs to go.  I feel so badly for him when he’s coughing because it sounds so — I dunno.  Tiny and helpless??  Thankfully it’s not generally enough to wake him up if he’s sleeping, but sometimes it is and he gets so pissed off that he cries until he’s purple in the face.  Yes purple.  He completely surpasses the red when he’s tired and pissed that he can’t sleep.

New Years Eve also brought a whole lot of pee from our Golden Retriever.  He suffers from anxiety brought on from loud noises or unfamiliar situations.  Fireworks and thunder are a nightmare for the poor mutt and our neighbors love to set of firecrackers for any festive occasion.  New Years Eve was no different and even with the tranquilizers, Isky ended up urinating in our hall bathroom.  The following evening, they held another party and he peed in the nursery.  And no, kicking him out of the house isn’t an option as he can climb fences (or dig under them if given time).  Believe me, the damage he can do the inside of the house is far less than the damage he can do to himself outside.  When we took a family vacation to Vegas one year, he repeatedly climbed the fence of the persons watching him until he pulled off all of his fingernails, which then brought on an infection, which then brought on a $150 veterinary bill.  Not to mention, if he were to escape we live at an intersection which increases the risk of his getting hit by people driving far above the 25 mile-per-hour speed limit of a residential area.  Oh, he’s a challenge joy.

I’ve also been dealing with work drama even though I’m not currently working.  (I won’t return to work until January 23 — I’m still battling PPD, but have to return to work before I’m gone for longer than six months or I’m fired.  Heh.)  Apparently one girl in particular has an issue with the fact that I still haven’t returned to work and proceeds to accuse me of things I’m clearly not doing and messaging me through social sites badgering me about why I’m not back to work yet.  My feelings are that it’s none of her damn business, but that doesn’t stop her from pursuing the issue anyway.

*sigh*  <sarcasm>Can’t wait to go back to work.</sarcasm>


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