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Week 9

"Nutty people opening gifts like mad men...what the duck?"

I hope all of your holidays were a great one.  I won’t really blog about the new year until next week since the weeks end every Friday, but I wanted to make sure that greetings were passed onto my readers while they were “timely.”

Nibbler’s first Christmas.  It was so sweet and he napped through the majority of it.  Too much activity made for a very sleepy baby.  Christmas was very good to us this year, but if you ask my husband it was very good to me.  😉  In addition to the Nook Color, we also received a Keurig and a glider for the nursery.  Nibbler loves to be rocked and we’d been dragging our feet at purchasing a glider or a rocking chair since I never liked any of the ones set up in the stores.  Since we got it set up, it’s received many rocking miles and has become one of my go-tos to soothe Nibbler when he’s fussing or refuses to nod off to sleep.  Most of Nibbler’s gifts were of money and those ended up in his saving’s account as all of his needs are more than met at the moment.  He’ll appreciate it someday — I hope.

Christmas also brought on Nibbler’s first cold.  This has been a challenge for over a week now and I absolutely hate that he can’t breathe through his nose.  It’s made for some very long nights as when he can’t breathe it wakes him up completely (I can’t blame the guy either) and then he gets frustrated and fusses/cries and can’t seem to fall back to sleep.  We’ve tried elevating his head while he sleeps in the bassinet as well as saline drops in the nose followed by a nasal aspirator and a humidifier, but nothing works as well as sticking him in the bathroom with the shower running hot and letting him sit in the steam.  I finally gave in and had him sleep in his swing last night which worked much better and we got sleeping in 3-4 hour blocks which is actually better than his sleeping in the bassinet when he’s well.

At one point we’re going to have to get him to sleep at night in his crib.  Heh.  We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.

I read on this week that:

At this point, your baby will begin to move beyond his early preferences for bright or two-toned objects toward more detailed and complicated designs, colors, and shapes. Show your baby — and let him touch — a wider variety of objects.

Oh goody!  TOYS!  While he’s been swatting at toys for awhile, we hadn’t really introduced anything in a way that he could grasp it so while he was in a good mood one night and just chilling in his swing, my husband introduced a rattle in the shape of a phone.  Nibbler took to it like he’d been grasping things for years.

And then he shook it quickly up and down…

And then I heard…

WHACK! *cries*

He shook it so hard he hit himself in the face and the toy isn’t a light one either.  For now, I think I’ll just leave him to his soft play gym toys.  Less tears that way.  He also gets a huge kick out of staring at himself in a mirror in his crib — you know, the one he doesn’t sleep in.

Other news this week.  I was finally able to fit into my smaller banded bras.  Thank, God.  I had so much money invested in 36 band size and I jumped up to a 38 while I was pregnant and it seems as if my rib cage has finally returned to its normal size.  Also back to a size 12 in juniors, which I haven’t been at since High School.  I never thought that I’d like my post pregnancy body more so than my pre-pregnancy body, but I most certainly do.  🙂


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