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Week 8

Week 8 brought Nibbler’s first playdate.  My friend and I were pregnant at the same time and her son was born only three days before Nibbler.  This is the same friend that I sat beside at high school graduation and I’ve known her since elementary school.  Though we’re not as close as we used to be, we’ve kept in touch and now I’m hoping with the introduction of these kiddos, that we’ll be able to grow close once again.  Unfortunately I don’t have any close “girl friends” within driving distance anymore due to being so busy with work, school, internships, and endless homework I really lost touch with a lot of people.  Having Nibbler in my life has definitely made me make time for things that I hadn’t before; he’s changing my life for the better. He makes me want to be and do better for him as well as myself because I now realize I owe it to myself to be more fulfilled and happier in life. Happy mommy = happy baby.  Weird how that works.  Anyhow, Nibbler had a blast with his buddy’s play gym, so now one is on its way in the mail via  😛

Package Overload

Oh, and our “small” Christmas — that one I promised my husband that he didn’t need to really cut away the bottom branches of our Christmas tree this year because we weren’t buying that much and wouldn’t have a whole lot to place under the tree…yeah, that one — didn’t turn out as I had expected.  Heh.  Whoops!

I sometimes lurk my blog — because I’m a loser — and was shocked this week to find out that I had 25 followers!  My word!  I’ve never been this “liked” by any group of people in my life.  So, I welcome all of you to my psychotic world and I hope you enjoy some of what you see here and I at least make you laugh out loud at least once.

This week also introduced me to the world of Pinterest.  If you’re a crafter, I suggest you acquire an account because that is crafting heaven.  I’m a pretty avid Scrapbooker when I have the time, and I’ve found all sorts of interesting stuff on there.  There’s also quite a few readers on there and I’m going to start scouting out book suggestions for my Nook Color.  Oh yes, Christmas came early to me this week thanks to my loving husband.  I haven’t been this excited about an electronic since we built my desktop computer to run The Sims 3 two years ago.  This also means book reviews are returning to Ye Olde Humdrum because I can read almost hands free while holding, rocking, nursing, etc, Nibbler in my arms.

Also, I don’t know about elsewhere in the world, but Disney is releasing Beauty & The Beast in 3D here in the states.  This film was one of the many highlights of the Disney Renaissance of animated films that I grew up with as a kid and this trailer gave me chills, so I must share it with you.  Enjoy!


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