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Week 7


Week 7 brought my husband’s return to work.  Had to fight back the tears as he left us that morning.  He’s my rock and I had doubts about making it through the day with my sanity in tact.  Thankfully, if he works an early shift his workplace is close enough for him to pop in on lunch and some days (like today) I kinda need him to bring me back down.  We survived though the whole week with minimal injuries (just joking — calm down!).

From about the third day of life, Nibbler has had a huge issue with naps.  He gets worked up before because he’s so stinking tired he doesn’t want to un-tense – is that a word? – enough to actually fall asleep.  He’ll protest with cries through half closed and exhausted looking eyes and he’ll continue like that for days no matter how much we rock him, sing to him, cuddle him, etc.  One of my “been there done that” mommy friends suggested lying him on his side and that seems to have helped him to sleep at night.  Yes, yes…I know babies are supposed to lie on their backs, but if he’s not sleeping at all, he’s not going to develop right either.  Seriously, this kid had bags under his eyes that rivaled our own.  We still have occasional battles, but they’re not nearly as bad as they were previously which I think is due to the fact that he’s actually getting (some) sleep now.  We just make sure to pull the arm toward the mattress/bassinet bottom out so he can’t roll over onto his tummy and check on him often.

Yes - I'm Martha freakin' Stewart of gift wrapping.

My family had the ingenious idea to do a Secret Santa program for the adults this year and only buy for all the children which has actually saved us quite a bit of grief since I got such a late start on shopping this year.  I’m one of those psychos that are usually done shopping at the beginning of November and it just didn’t happen this year with the pregnancy and baby-prepping.  I did all of my Christmas shopping online with the exception of a gift for my husband and a couple for one of our friends’ children.  This also created a bit of an obstacle because I have to be quick about wrapping gifts and balancing household chores during nap time.  Somehow I got it done and no, I’m not sure how I did it either.  (This does get easier right??!)

This year, we also decided to get a real tree rather than pull the artificial beasty out of the storage shed.  It’s a beautiful tree, but it’s too big for the space we have for her (we live in a 975 square foot 2 bed/2 bath house – space is valued/limited).  We ended up buying a 5 foot tree for $20, which wasn’t bad at all, and all of our ornaments fit on it comfortably, although I had to get creative with our ribbon tree topper and swirl the ribbon around the tree rather than bring it down the sides.  I’m not sure if other people are like us, but our tree kinda tells a story.  The handmade ornaments are from the first year we were in our own apartment together, the bow we use as a topper was used to decorate the aisle chairs at our wedding and I just used more ribbon to create the streamers, the dogs have a stuffed ornament, we have a Hallmark ornament from the year we were married and a few assorted others given to us by friends, and this year we added a new ornament:

New Baby 2011

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