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Week 6

Playtime with Mr. Moose

(Aaaack!  These posts are generally a week behind by the time I get to them, but with the holidays and such this one is more about two.  *sigh*  These updates are going to be close together.)

Week six was supposed to bring back my return to work, but it didn’t.  I’m having a bit of PPD which doesn’t surprise me since last holiday season I had a bit of anxiety and PTSD (yeah, last pre-Christmas season was that bad) so my doctor ordered me to bed rest to help even me out a bit.  Bed rest is always easier said than done and with a six-week old and your husband returning to work the following week and college finals…yeaaaah.

We introduced Nibbler to a bottle this week.  I was a bit anxious about it since we were a bit behind on the introduction by “textbook standards.”  I had visions of violent rejections, screaming, etc.  Followed the textbook suggestion that someone besides myself introduce it to him, so enter husband and Nibbler took it without one bit of hesitation.  Guess I shouldn’t have worried considering how he generally attacks meal time with a gusto unmet by anyone/anything I’ve ever seen (hence his nickname).

My hubby was finally able to make his way out to the BLM land to go shooting this week.  He’s been trying to go out shooting with friends since his bonding leave started and every time the date/time was set something would either come up with his friends or Nibbler would keep us up until 5 A.M. in the morning with a colic fit.  Did him good to get out of the house and he came home with a good bruise on his shoulder from shooting the shotgun so I know he had a great time.  😉

First pair of jeans!

Since it was “’tis the season” we did our annual trip to the local mall.  I loathe physical shopping unless it’s to the local book store and this year was no different.  (Yes, we did make it to Barnes & Noble so I could hint at a Nook Color for Christmas.  I miss reading with a passion and I no longer have space for a bookshelf, nor two hands to hold a book since one is usually filled with Nibbler.)  I was a tad bit apprehensive, but the hubby needed new Dickies for work and we know of one store in the mall that always has them in stock…so off we went.  I dressed Nibbler up cute so that if he was that screaming baby (uh, you know you’ve thought it – denial gets you nowhere) at least he’d be fashionable.  Of course he makes my apprehension unwarranted by sleeping the whole time!  He also slept through the pet store and In-N-Out.  Who sleeps through In-N-Out?  Either way, mommy and daddy were able to have a nice uninterrupted meal and my affection for the tyke increased even more.

And in gaming….

Oh, EA.  Who the heck thought of this atrocity?  Admit it!  You had things in Ambitions and Late Night that you didn’t get in and you just had to cram them in an ill thought out expansion pack.  Skipping this EP.  Sorry.


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