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Week 5

Had to be quick to catch it!

Wow. Week 5! How this time has flown.  It’s hard to believe that on Friday I have my 6 week followup appointment and in theory I should be returning to work on Monday.  I have doubts that’s going to happen however due to some health issues that have arisen over the past two weeks, but that’s something to blog about next week when I know more.  I also had to be on Xanax to survive the holidays at work last year, so I’m hoping to avoid that scenario all together this year.

Week five brought us Nibbler’s smile.  However fleeting it may be, it arrives on occasion to break up the cycle of crying, feedings, and sleeping.  Sleeping.  There’s an elusive beasty — for once it’s not for us either, it’s for him.  Since this poor kid has found out that things occur during the day it has become harder and harder to get him to nap without his lying on one of us or (gasp!) cosleeping with us.  Wait.  Let me stop you there before you write a condescending comment.  Yes, we know about SIDS.  Yes, we’ve weighed out the risks.  And yes, we’ve taken precautions.  Go troll somewhere else.

This week has also brought an unhealthy bit of internet shopping.  I’ve spent hours on,,, and looking for Christmas gifts for the family and ending up looking at onesies and jumpers for Nibbler.  Why when things come in small sizes do they look so much more cute and appealing to shoppers?  And when a whole outfit costs only $20 it seems to make it so much easier to purchase.  I’ve also come to realize that I need to buy new jeans.  I’m not sure if I’ve dipped below my pre-pregnancy weight, but my body has definitely lost a size.  This was made apparent today when I went to use the restroom and was able to pull my jeans down without unbuttoning them.

My husband returns to work on Monday and I’m going to miss his help.  Gone will be the changing of the guard to grab a shower, eat lunch, regain sanity, or just take a break.  Both of us have an unhealthy bit of anxiety about returning to work as well beings that we both work for the same grocery chain and some new policies have gone into effect that are just ridiculous (such as an hour long lunch to work five hours…c’mon now!!) and seek out to terminate long-term employees that are used to the “old school” way of things.  Needless to say, I need to take my education and seek alternate employment just to keep my head I think.

For those of you seeking out my book reviews, I’ve become really lax on that recently.  I’ve already told the family any money given to me for the Christmas holiday is going toward a Nook Color so a friend of mine and I can swap books back and forth since she and I share tastes in novels.  Since Nibbler’s nursery required the room that had the book shelf, I won’t buy anymore physical novels since we have no place to store it.  I’m hoping an e-reader will allow me to read while nursing or — like now — while he’s sleeping on my chest.  Although, then when would I play CastleVille?


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