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Week 4

Our Nibbler's First Thanksgiving

Week 4 had to have been one of the longest weeks ever.  Ever.  Of my life.

Somebody had gas and the whole world (or my husband and I rather) was going to pay.  Two nights of five hour screaming jags followed leaving us almost frantic, Nibbler hoarse, and we were all sleep deprived.  After a few web searches (our doctor’s office was closed for the holiday weekend) let’s just say we learned the appropriate way to administer gas drops and that has been our saving grace with the occasional administration of gripe water.  Nibbler has once again returned to his “normal programming” and we’ve returned to getting as much sleep as can be expected with a four week old.

This week also brought his first major holiday, although he couldn’t partake in any of the Thanksgiving eating (poor thing missing out on my mom’s peach pie – it’s a sad thing).  Nibbler did, however, wear his “My First Thanksgiving” jumper which was absolutely adorable until he had a diaper blow out.  So happy I keep a spare jumper in the diaper bag because boy did we need it.

Ordered the birth announcements on Friday and we’ll pick them up tomorrow because I was not going anywhere near a retail establishment on “Black Friday Weekend.”  The people that partake in these events are crazy!  Locally we even had some crazy lady pepper spray fellow shoppers at Wal-Mart because she absolutely needed to get her discounted merchandise.  It was rumored it was all for a half-price XBox, which while this household takes gaming seriously, was in no way worth battering strangers at midnight over.  Yes, in case you’re wondering, the psycho was able to attain her item of choice, check out, and leave the scene before the police even arrived.  This is why I stay home and partake in Cyber Monday every year and I can browse the internet for deals all while in my comfy Victoria Secret Pink sweats and raggedy t-shirt.  No psychos, no lines, no rage.


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