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Week 3

Okay, week 3 was definitely easier than weeks 1 and 2.  I must admit that all those people that were telling me “it gets easier” were apparently correct, although I’m sure at one point it will get harder (example: he starts driving) and I’ll be looking back at these sleep deprived days wishing for them back again and wanting to embrace them with open arms.  This week also found Jude gaining the nickname of “Nibbler” and rightly so:  the little chunker gained 22 oz in 13 days.  Our pediatrician labeled the gain as “impressive” on Monday, declared we no longer have to worry about his weight and we’ve been set free of the world of medical establishments until the end of December.  Woot!

Things we’ve also noticed is we have many more hours of “awake” time now that aren’t highlighted by screaming for no apparent reason.  Gripe Water has entered our arsenal and even though the medical community is undecided about whether or not it’s effective, I’m sure it certainly can’t hurt.  The swing is still the easiest way to soothe our little guy if we can’t and the Sleep Sheep hasn’t lost its magic either.  About 8 days after Jude was born we did our first family pics and our photographer got them edited and back to us really quick!  All of them are beautiful, but I think this teddy bear one is the cutest thing.

(c) Jacquelyn Gavin Photography

This coming Monday will also mark the half way mark of my husband’s bonding time leave.  I’m dreading the day that he goes back to work as I actually like the boy and I love having him around.  Not to mention he’s a whole lot better at getting Nibbler to calm down when he’s on a tangent.  I’m hoping these next 3 weeks will establish some sort of recognizable daily pattern so I’m not left without some plan of action.  I’m a little OCD in the regard that I like having things in a certain order and I appreciate patterns even if it deviates a bit.


This week has also brought us a bit of free time since the doctors aren’t running us ragged with one appointment after another.  I’ve rediscovered the Sims 3 Pets.  I bought it a few days before I was induced, but didn’t get a good shot at it.  I’ve yet to play with the horse aspect of the game, but the dogs have been great so far.  My husband has been obsessed with Skyrim and I must say, the game is gorgeous and has enough variables to be replayable for hundreds of hours.  If you play and you want a bit of a mystery, if someone challenges you to a drinking game, be sure to say, “yes!”


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