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Weeks One & Two

Jude just hours old.

Not going to lie.  Life with Jude has been pretty rough at points and just when I think “we got this” — we don’t.  Considering I’ve only been reduced to tears once, I guess we’re doing okay.  My husband is taking his six week paid family leave and he’s been an amazing help and blessing through some of our late nights — or early mornings depending how you look at it.

We had a flirting with “intermediate high” jaundice by the time we left the hospital which was followed by outpatient testing only 36 hours after we were released from the hospital (by request of our pediatrician) and then it was found that Jude had lost more weight than the 10% mark that they like to see, so packing pounds — er ounces rather — onto this little guy has been goal #1.  That won’t be completely resolved until we see the pediatrician again next Monday, but the Mommy & Me program was impressed with his 5 oz weight gain over two days and they felt the weight loss was probably attributed to the jaundice more than anything.

Cloud B Sleep Sheep

There’s been a few things that have made our lives a little more tolerable when we were ready to lose our minds.  Cloud B Sleep Sheep not only lulls Jude to sleep if he’s NOT gassy, but it also knocks me out.  Since I’m a first time mom I’m constantly worried/checking on the little guy even when he’s out for the count and having something to lull both of us into dream land helps quite a bit.

A lot of people on the pregnancy forum I frequent down-talked  travel systems (basically a car seat that’s removable from a base in your car and can be locked securely into a stroller so you don’t have to wake the baby), but we’ve used the heck out of ours already.  Thankfully, Jude seems to crash out in the car within a few blocks of our home so car travel is easy-peasy with him and considering how many appointments we’ve had this past week (5 total) this fact has been a blessing.

One of my friends insisted on buying us a swing for a baby shower gift and now I’m thrilled that she did.  The swing and the Sleep Sheep are a deadly nappy-time combo.  Sometimes his fussiness can’t be squelched, but most of the time we can get at least a twenty minute break when we’re at the end of our ropes.

Other than that, it’s just been learning about each other…he learning about us, and us learning about him.  My friend said that the first 3 weeks were the hardest, so I’m hoping that’s the truth.  I am extremely proud of myself that I was able to update the tickers on my Tumblr and WordPress accounts the other day.  It’s definitely the small things I’ve been clinging to.


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