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Essential Oils Made Me A Believer

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this…”plague” I suffer from on this blog previously or not.  Ever since 2007, I’ve suffered off and on with Bartholin Gland Abscesses (<– click, if you really want to know and only if you’re really sure).  They’re painful and embarrassing and in the beginning they made me feel like I was dirty.  It took me a long time to stop believing that stigma I’d inflicted upon myself and it was something I had to work through with the more research I did and trying to understand this hardly ever spoken of condition.  I have yet to meet face-to-face with anyone that has suffered with these things as I do (if ever), which isn’t hard to believe when I found a site that proclaimed that only about 2% of women have Bartholin gland abscesses and only about 10% of those have a recurring condition.  Yes, once again, I won the genetic lotto in the worst way.

What was more frustrating was that no matter what OB-GYN I consulted with, the answer was always the same.  “We don’t know what causes it.  We don’t know why it keeps coming back.  No, there’s nothing you can do to prevent it.”  The general consensus is to try and treat the infection with an oral antibiotic (which doesn’t work on me) or to perform a procedure from a list:

  • marsupialization (sew the gland open)
  • lance it (which just treats the symptoms and not the cause – performed under localized anesthesia)
  • removal (which is painful, leaves the gland the option to grow back if all the cells aren’t removed – it’s composed of liver-like cells – and is the last resort)

As one can tell, NONE of these options are at all pleasant.  I’ve had the abscess lanced a handful of times at the local ER when I could no longer take the pain which ended up leaving me traumatized and renewed my fear of needles.  I would literally start crying before the doctor even had a chance to touch me.  Finally, I decided that there had to be a different solution that I wasn’t seeing and I sought out other sufferers like myself over the internet.  What I found was a Bartholin Chat Forum started by a woman who had suffered the same way I did.

The board is in no way a busy one and I’m not sure if it’s due to the fact that not a whole lot of people suffer from these or that they don’t know it exists, but it holds a significant amount of information in a small space and offers anonymity to posters.  It was through these boards that I found out about Natural Oils that could be used to treat this plague of mine.  I ordered the 15 ml. bottle and once I began using five drops of the oil added to the endless sitz baths with Epsom salts that my doctor recommended for treatment, I was amazed at how fast the issue was resolved. I’ve only used about half of the bottle and I’ve used them for at least 2 years, so they’re definitely worth the investment.

I felt that I should write about these oils for others that are seeking help with this issue and feel that they can’t really speak with anyone about it and relay the information/support forum that I have found.  I was unable to use the oils during the first trimester of this pregnancy because one of the ingredients can cause uterine contractions, but when I fell down with a rather rapid developing abscess Friday (and with permission of my OB-GYN), I began using these oils to treat it and it resolved early Sunday morning.  Definitely better than suffering with the pain and infection for six or more days at 40 weeks pregnant – I truly don’t know what I would have done and crying through the pain resolves nothing.


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