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Third Trimester Lessons….

You don’t know the meaning of exhaustion until the final six weeks…

Seriously.  I’ve never felt this tired in my life.  It’s not like a “I got a shitty night of sleep last night and I could take a nap” it’s more like “I’m so tired it takes effort to raise my arms above my head.”  I’m sure this type of exhaustion will continue into our initial infant experience, but I’m hoping I don’t have this heaviness I’ve been experiencing…or at least a bit more minimal amount.

Sweating is a part of life…

I used to think I sweat easy before I became pregnant, not so much anymore.  Mind you, I live in the Mojave Desert, so heat (100+ temps) is a part of life during the summer and I’m no stranger to sweating out the hotter days, but this is something else entirely.  It’s like you generate your own heat and it’s trying to kill you like an evil and inescapable sauna room.

Everyone has advice…

…even though they may have not even have had children yet.  The trick is accepting it all with grace and picking and choosing what you think will work for you.  Thankfully I was spared the large opinions about names that women on the pregnancy forum I frequent were subjected to.  We only got two negative responses to the name we selected for our son and the rest were very supporting and enthusiastic about it.

“How are you feeling?!” is possibly the most irritating question in the world.

I’m 37 weeks pregnant, can’t walk straight, half the time my hip hurts too much to really move, I’m exhausted, and you want me to reply with what exactly??

No pregnancy is the same.

I was the tip of the iceberg in the pregnancy tidal wave that hit my work place.  Out of the five girls that announced that they were pregnant, I’ve gained the least and was totally stressed out that I wasn’t gaining enough.  So, FTM freak out at the OB office and I get told to calm down and that I was “a-okay.”  I also haven’t had to buy any maternity pants, my boobs didn’t grow (thank God…I’m already a 36 DD) although I did have to go up a band size, and I didn’t suffer from any constant constipation, unbearable morning sickness, or gross discharge from any orifice of my body.  I did have gestational gingivitis which seems to have relented after seeing my dental hygienist last month and I suffered from really strong cramping while I was at work, but I know that was due to spending up to 9 hours on my feet a day and only being afforded two 10 minute breaks and a lunch during that time frame.  If I could have had more breaks/sat down when I needed to, I think I could have remained at work longer than what I did.

I am still the world’s worse procrastinator.

Well, maybe not the worst, but I’m still pretty bad about it.  We waited until week 35 (almost 36) to really get into the nursery and get it ready (paint and all).  The final parts for the dresser should be here Monday, but all the laundry is washed, sorted and ready to go.  Now, at week 37 I still need to pack for the hospital.  Haha.  I figure if he decides to arrive early, the hospital should have most of what I need anyway.  Honestly, I only need to purchase a couple more things to have all we need to pack anyway.

Yes, I’m still going to school.

I’m only taking one class though.  If I hadn’t have been a procrastinator, I could have had it completed by now.  I mean, it’s the ABCs of Internet…why am I still avoiding my homework like a high school student?  Old habits die hard.


One thought on “Third Trimester Lessons….

  1. in six weeks a woman becomes a mother and another human with immense potential is born into the world. i wish you luck with parenting and i hope that your child grows into a person who will do great things for this world. thanks for posting!

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