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A Little Update on Life

Sorry about my elusiveness.  Things have been a little hectic.

I returned to work on Tuesday and even though my doctor limited me to 25 hours, but work scheduled me 32.  Thankfully, this little error has been corrected in next week’s schedule, but I’m so tired from pushing through the 32.  I feel like such a weakling as I would have relished in the chance at having more hours than they were giving me before, but my body would just not stop aching from being on my feet for eight hours a day.  My back and hips hurt, my shoulders ached, and most of all my feet were throbbing.  I even bought new shoes in hopes that it would help me but by hour six on my feet those are even non-helpful and the last two hours become about pain management and surviving.  Hopefully I haven’t been short with customers and since I haven’t heard anything about being so, I’m assuming it’s all in my head or they’re just to dense to realize my crankiness.

As for the pregnancy, all the issues I was having during the first trimester seem to have cleared up.  My OB-GYN felt comfortable enough to return me to work with some limitations due to my recent history of hypertension caused by that place.  Oh, and we’re having a boy!!  I now feel comfortable enough to announce it since I’ve had the doctor confirm it three times now.  I’m sure he’s becoming so annoyed with me, but my husband and myself really wanted a boy and it seems almost too good to be true that we’d be blessed with one.  My family has nothing but boys so he’ll have plenty of playmates during the holidays (one of which will only be ten months older than him….seems large now, but it won’t in a couple of years).  The family, however, is dealing with a bit of gender disappointment.  They really wanted a girl to shower with pink and affection.  I remember being that girl and I also remember wanting an RC Car like my brothers and cousins got for Christmas and getting clothes instead.  This won’t be happening if we have a girl in the future.

As for the Cystic Fibrosis scare…the blood lab failed to test my husband’s blood while it was viable.  Given the fact that we wouldn’t terminate even if the test was positive, we decided to forgo it completely.  I won’t submit the baby to amniocentesis either, so I figure we can just request the test after he’s born.  Given the 4% chance that my husband is even a carrier and the 25% chance that the baby would be born with it if he was, we feel confident in our decision to wait.

Oh…and picture!!!


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