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Self Esteem

I think this music video is so important to those struggling with their self esteem or struggling to find self worth. I’ve been struggling with this myself the past few days due to all the hectic craziness surrounding my health at the moment. Now that the baby’s fine, my body seems to be attacking itself and I landed myself a cold and two infections all within one weekend. When I do things I go big or go home. Still surprised we didn’t somehow end up with twins based on that statement.

It’s hard to pick yourself up out of the doldrums when you feel this way sometimes. It’s a struggle to do household chores, get homework done, or feel like doing much of anything. When I feel like this I always struggle with thinking people are angry with me or dissatisfied with what I have or haven’t accomplished. The busier I make myself, the better I do feel, but then I wonder if I’m just throwing myself into a sort of mania to balance myself out.

During these times I do get a lot of reading done though. Helps keep my mind off of everything that’s going wrong at the same time. I’ve finished 2 books in the same amount of days so book reviews are coming. Promise. ♦


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