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While I was in the garage a few minutes ago, I opened the garage door to what sounded like children bouncing a basketball on my driveway.  What I found was a man replacing our neighbor’s windshield.  That was embarrassing, considering I’ve been doing laundry and homework all day so I’m still in my pajamas and I have no idea what state my hair is in at the moment.  Niiice one, self.

I was parked in front of the television yesterday when this new Hometown Buffet commercial aired. I’m not usually drawn to restaurant commercials, but when this one flashed its new slogan at the end: “The land of &” I couldn’t help but change it to “The Land of Ampersand.” Wouldn’t that sound sooooo much better? It could be a buffet of logograms. It could happen!

School’s been going…okay.  I guess I could focus a lot more at the moment, but because I’m trying to avoid homework, I’m actually accomplishing so much more around the house.  I’ve done several loads of laundry this morning, not to mention cleaned our kitchen, called my father, etc.  Funny thing about when I’m trying to avoid something, I’ll do everything else first.

"I need some sort of Rhett involved in all this."

I can already tell that History is going to be a thorn in my side.  It’s a subject that I like, but only on the subject matter I enjoy.  The Great Depression is amazing to me since America was at its worst, but it brought out the best in people.  Almost everyone was united in poverty and yes, it was awful and yes, there were some awful people and some down right awful business practices, but when you have nothing left faith is what keeps you going and from that seems to emerge a love for man kind.  I’m not really interested in “The Reconstruction Era,” which is the subject matter we’re covering now, unless it’s Gone With The Wind style, but that’s just me.  I need some sort of Rhett involved in all this.


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