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The music video is just because I ♥ her so!! I guess it’s appropriate, although we went to Vegas not seeking fame but for the SHOT show and it’s been a crazy few days with little sleep and quite a few activities packed into the day. I meant to get a few pictures of “fabulous Las Vegas” but my husband had the camera almost the whole time and it didn’t happen. Although I guess I can thrill you with an archive photo circa March 2008. 🙂

Eiffel Tower
Eiffel Tower at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Currently I’m re-reading The Host due to the fact that I’d like to review it, but I read it so long ago I’ve forgotten most of the finer details of the novel. It’s a good book and far different from the Twilight Series which was far more juvenile and then it just got hacked up in the movies. I try to avoid most movie adaption of novels because all I do in the theater is sit there and cringe at every line/scene change. And when they change the ending completely (such as in My Sister’s Keeper) I just about go ballistic. I understand that no movie could be a true adaption, but changing major plot points or leaving characterization points out just gets under my skin.

Hopefully I’ll get around to sitting down and writing a review on House Rules by Jodi Picoult here in the next few days. I’d like to announce a regular posting day, but that will have to wait until after college resumes on February 14. Happy Valentine’s Day to me!!


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