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Sick (lawl)

So, I spent most of this week on the couch and sicker than a dog (who though of that phrase? Kudos to the person who finds it for me) doing absolutely nothing. It wouldn’t have been so bad if I hadn’t have been in so much pain and if, when I called the doctor on Monday they hadn’t have said “Weeeeeellll we have on opening Thursday morning at 10a!” Ugh. I truly believed I was in the middle of another Bartholin gland abscess which I’ve suffered with off and on for 3 years. (Click that link, btw to be truly mortified at what the female body can do to YOU, yes YOU.)

And thus, I wallowed in agony and self-pity for about 3 days taking all the pain killers we had in the house (okay, it was half a bottle of Advil liqui-gels) and the antibiotics I didn’t finish the last time I came down with this little “illness.” Oh, and I missed a lot of work this week which doesn’t bode well for the pay check at all. Sigh.

So, fully convinced that I KNOW what’s wrong with me and fully ready to demand the surgery that was denied by my body’s magical healing abilities last time, I marched into the OBGYN office prepared for a fight and…. “Well, the Doctor is delivering a baby right now.” Deciding fully well that babies wait for no man or doctor appointment, I waited….for….two hours. But that’s okay. I’m going to have surgery to correct this issue right???


“It isn’t an abscess this time. Do you have Crohn’s Disease?” Uh, no. “Well, I’m going to run some tests and see what this is.” Oh joy. So, now I wait for the results of that this coming week. Oh, and the doctor prescribed me Amoxicillan when I’m allergic to Penicillin (despite the BIG RED tag on my file that screams that I’m allergic) and hasn’t called the pharmacy back to prescribe something else so I wait until Monday to maybe get my antibiotics.

And to add insult to injury, my Golden Retriever has left me for the companionship of the Yellow Labrador next door. They’re playing as we speak. 😦 Oh….and June 2010 is going to bring me Ambition(s) (YAY!!!):


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