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Type A, FTW

I signed on the internet to see this little law gem on my home page this morning. A nurse in Maryland took the IRS to court and WON without a lawyer. Judge Goldberg, who had heard her case in tax court, later said that “‘[he] remember(ed) the case well because Ms. Singleton-Clarke was so articulate and well-prepared. Too many taxpayers are not.'” He also complemented “on her record-keeping during the hour-long trial.”

This made me laugh considerably because I’ve long been type A. I keep receipts, tax records, tuition records, bank statements, and medical insurance payment records fastidiously. I’m a filing nut and have a bit of a love affair with manila file folders. Okay, maybe it’s not really that extreme, but you get my point.

When we were having a dispute with a neighbor over their dog that they couldn’t (well wouldn’t) contain within their yard I had a Microsoft Word file on my desktop complete with dates and times of the incidents, what was said, photos of the places the dog had dug under our fence, and local town ordinances that defined “nuisance dogs” and my rights as a property owner to call animal control. It was on like Donkey Kong…and then they moved.

My Type A personality shines through again with my year-end blog (currently on MySpace) where I review the year and what we did. And yes, I do keep a list of everything from movies seen to books read all year-long. I was a bit irked when I couldn’t find it this year. I assume it got thrown away in one of my clutter-clearing tangents, but I believe I was able to recall most of it.

Other signs you’re Type A? Reading bulletin boards at work, union contracts (this kinda gets in the way because people get annoyed when you start spouting it), laws, and websites compulsively. Filling out any type of form you find with an obsessive amount of detail. Looking at charts and thinking “Geez, I could have done a lot better than that!” Scrapbooking and finding that most of your layouts are linear and not liking anything that’s not. Proof-reading everything four times over.

It gets out of control real quick, but I never thought being organized could help topple a government giant such as the IRS. I guess you learn new things every day.


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